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eat, drink, live... explore. 

Many of us wish we could EXPLORE the world. Knowing where to eat the best, to drink the exotic, and live like the locals.  The Nomads work diligently to find the best-of-the-best from around the world. 

As far back as we remember,  the Nomdas have always loved the adventure of discovering new places.  

As our Nomad Co-founder Dan "The Man" explains of how  during his childhood, living in central Florida, every summer his father would kick him out of the house and tell me to go play in the woods.  So Dan and his friends would go into the woods, build forts, look for animals, go fishing, try to catch baby alligators and a bunch of other nonsense young boys do.  

As Dan became a teenager,  he saved some money and purchased his first Jon Boat.   Dan started heading into the inter-coastal waterways, always going a little bit farther.   As he kept exploring, fishing, claming, knee boarding, and wake surfing Dan discovering new adventures.   Dan would go looking for the highest bridge to jump off and into the water, always trying something new, a new adventure, something that might push the limits.

The further Dan went into these water ways the more Dan would discover, the more Dan would see.   One summer was a little different,  Dan spent it on a boat in the Virgin Islands.   This is were his love for travel, seeing new things, meeting new people and trying different food really began. 


In more recent years,  Dan has visit place like Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Each time Dan visit a new place or explore a new area it reminds when he was young and when he used to explore the woods and waterways, always discovering something new going a little bit further to see what else is out there. 


As our Co-founder learned as a young boy, life is about exploring, pushing your limits, and opening your horizons to what will the next bend on the road will bring.   As Nomad explorers we will take on that bend with authority and provide you with our experiences and guide you to the best of our worldly experiences.


So join our mailer and the Nomads team will provide you monthly updates and specials on our growing experiences. 

NEW! - Cartegena, Columbia - JULY 2017


The Nomads seven day trip to Cartagena Colombia was unreal.  The food, drinks, history, people and the music made us feel so alive.  With all the exploring , we still didn’t get to exprience it all.  The video link below is a part of an array of videos that highlight Cartegena.  Videos will include tours around the city,  the Islas Rosario, and our free diving from when we were granted to walk around the small village of only about 200 people.  Please check out our Facebook and Instagram for more photos. 

  Columbia Sunset 


This is a must in Cartagena, Colombia.  Make sure you find out the sunset time and visit Cafe Del Mar.  Cafe Del Mar sits on top of a fort that surrounds the city of Cartagena.  The music  and drinks are great.  The atmosphere is sexy and relaxed.  If you can get there early enough, try to find a couch  or a lounger  to experience the spectacular sunset.

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New Jersey (Atlantic Highlands) based Carton Brewery produces some of the best beers you can find, and with the Nomad's love of great beer, we have reviewed Carton's 077XX IPA.  


The  077XX IPA is an bold and hoppy beer, with has great taste, and a smooth finish.  Similar to many of the West Coast IPA's, this a beer you can enjoy with a good burger; and with 7.8% alcohol content, try it with some caution in mind. CHEERS!


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 Columbia 2017 

!!! NEW !!!

The sunset and latin vibes... breathtaking!

 austin 2017 

The hills, lakes, and greenry... 

Lets not forget the beer!

 mexico city 2016 

The Pyramids, cenotes, the tacos...


 Barbados 2017  

Lady Nomads Weekend Escape... 

Rock climbing and fruity drinks!

 Dubai & Abu Dhabi  


 italy 2016 

Naples, Positano, Almafli and...

Fried Pizza!

Barcelona/Mallorca 17' 


 Maine 2017 


 Crater Lake 2017 

Jeepers New Experience!

Barbados 2016 - Lady NOMADS Weekend Escape!

Barbados is a wonderful short trip getaway, especially for a girls trip! The girls and I decided to make this 5 hr trip from NYC for our friends 30th birthday in October, and boy did this small island NOT dissapoint! When we arrived at the airport we were greeted by all the friendly airport staff, we made a pit stop at the duty free for some rum before catching our private transfer to our hotel. Our driver John was very nice and took us on a scenic route along the beach to our hotel. (Travel Tip: most private taxi drivers offer island tours and they are much cheaper than hotel arranged island tours)We stayed at the Accra Beach Resort and Spa in Rockley Beach, at the south west point of the island. When we arrived we were welcomed with rum punches (most popular drink in barbados), which tastes fantastic...but are definitely not for light weights.

Our room had a pool view and had a very nice large balcony. The room was a little small for 4 people, but spacious enough where we werent tripping over eachother, after all, you don't travel to a beautiful island to stay in your hotel room, right? As soon as we got settled in, we headed across the street from the hotel to a strip mall where we found a convenience store, souvenir shops, clothing boutiques and even a nail salon. We had lunch at an outdoor cafe, and had them prepare us local fare. Our plate lunch included grilled flying fish, salad, and rice and peas, not only was it delicious it was only $10 USD and substantial enough to share amongst 2 people. After lunch we headed straight to the pool for round 2 of drinks and some relaxation! The pool and beach areas were clean and the bartenders were super friendly. After our time in the pool we got ready for dinner at a beach front restaurant within walking distance from the hotel (15 min walk along the beach) called Tapas. The food, drinks, service and atmosphere at Tapas was amazing, not to mention the amazing beach front view! We ordered an array of seafood appetizers and pastas and paellas for dinner, food coma followed shortly after. 

The next day our driver John met us at our hotel for our pre-arranged island tour. During our tour  our first stop was at the harrison caves, at the caves we learned all about the amazing natural stelagmites and stelagtites and how the island of Barbados was formed. The second stop of our island tour was St. Nicholas Abby, it is a fully functioning sugar plantation and rum distillery. While were there, we toured the main house and saw the most beautiful barbadian art and original decor. After touring the home, we went on a tour of the destillery and had a chance to sample the rum and chat with a few beautful parrots along the way. At the end of our tour we stopped by the gift shop where you can have a light lunch, rum punch, and purchase their rum and other products produced at the plantation. 

Our third and final stop was at the sea turtle excursion in Bridgetown (west end of the island), before the excursion we had a quick bite to eat and a couple of Banks (Barbadian beer) at a local beach cafe and then boarded a catamaran towards the sea turtle snorkeling and feeding area. This was an Amazing experience, the tour guides were outgoing and kept the rum punch flowing! The water on the west end is very calm and clear which was ideal for interacting with the turtles. We ended our evening gazing at the sunset and listening to local barbadian music. The remainder of our Barbados trip consisted of great local food and beach fun, this is definitely an island you must visit, especially as a fall or winter escape.

"Overlanding describes self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal... While expedition is defined as a journey with a purpose, overlanding sees the journey as the purpose..."


Our first Overlanding trip took us up to Crater Lake, NJ for a day trip. This is a great day trip up into the mountains. This is a great lake to go to durning the summer. Only accessiable by 4X4, great way to get away from the Jersey Shore crowds. Check out full blog below and watch all three vblogs on YouTube. ​​​​​​​

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